5 Tips To Overcome Fear And Panic In A Survival Situation

We always desire a life without any fear and panic. But is that even possible? Each and every one of us has particular or many fears for what, we usually get panic. We desperately run away from our fear and search for a way to overcome it. Maybe most of the time we fail to reduce fear and start to panic more and more.

What is that which makes you so afraid? Makes you fail in every step? Why can’t you get rid of it anyhow? These are the common asking of every anxious mind. Maybe these are moving round and round in your mind too. To get the answer to staying with us till the end.

Dealing with Fear and Panic in a Survival Situation

Fear and panic are related to each other. If you are afraid, you start to panic. So, finding a way of removing these two problems are going to be similar. We all have fear. The only one who has no fear is a kid. Have you ever noticed them? They walk fearless, talk fearless, laugh fearless and do everything without fear. That is the biggest reason to their successful beginning.

Fear makes us weak. Remember the thing that you started and have left unfinished just because of the fear. It is the fear that is dragging you back and creating a big list of failures. It makes us forget to survive and live with confidence. Can you calculate the loss just because of the fear? It’s a huge loss.

‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ this is a famous statement of franklin Roosevelt and a very effective tips to overcome fear. We have created a list of 5 tips to overcome fear and panic. After researching and gathering many expert’s suggestions this short and effective list is now ready for you. Have a look on them to make yourself confident and strong enough to prevent this problem.

5 Tips to Overcome Fear and Panic in a Survival Situation

1. Face your Fear & don’t panic

The best way to overcome fear is to face it. Find out and think of it again and again. What makes you so afraid? Usually we refuse to do thing that we are afraid to do. But that is not a proper way. Instead of neglecting it just face it once. You will automatically have the courage to do it again and again and until you be succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you fail once, twice or many time. Just don’t stop doing it. Once you stop doing it a big fear will make you weak and pull you back from success. Most of us are fearful of losing something that is really near to our heart or is really important to us, sometimes big unknowable thing or something we don’t even understand.

But are they all unable to be faced? No, they are not. If you have decided to make yourself strong enough to face your fear nothing can stop you from getting rid of it. Just keep calm and go for it. Remember if you get panic fear will grab you continuously.

2. Take a deep breath and start Medication

Taking a deep breath can give you a moment to focus. Focus on what you are actually doing. Doing the fearful task we get panic and start behaving like a confused fool. But at just that moment if you take a deep breath at the fast count of 5 and breathe out slowly you will start feeling relaxed and will have a calm brain to take perfect decision.

Medication is another way to get rid of this problem. If you consult a doctor and take proper medicine you can prevent this problem fast. It’s so simple to do and works effectively for a panic person.

3. Have faith in yourself

If you are confident about yourself no one can stop you to grab success. Anything you are going to do you need support obviously but if you do not have confident on you then even thousand supports are not  going to work properly.

It is only you who is your biggest supporter. Just go for the fearful activity with confident you will definitely win. It really works like a magic. So, have faith in yourself and forget fear and panic in any situation.

4. Avoid Overthinking & Relax

We usually get panic for overthinking. Anything we think firstly the result comes good. But when we start overthinking it becomes a mess. Bad incidents that are tough to forget are the main causes of overthinking.

Past mistakes, wrong decision, a bad step, failure and many past incidents becomes causes of our overthinking. Many of us can’t accept it that what is past we can’t bring it back. These over thoughts makes us furious and panic and even in some cases it increases our fear to do the same thing in future. So, avoiding overthinking is helpful for reducing fear and panic.

5. Be positive

Many of us have a habit of thinking negatively. And if the thought matches in any case it becomes the biggest fear. Then we start feeling that all of our negative thoughts are going to be true. But actually it is one of our omission.

The moment you think negative your confidence level goes down. Without confidence in anything you do you can’t get success. That becomes a major point to get failure and feared. So stop being negative. Whatever you do try to be positive enough and be confident to remove fear and panic.

The Bottom Line

Fear and panic is nowadays are the most faced problems to many of us. Just to help you get rid of it in 5 easy way we suggested those tips for you. Hope these tips were helpful. We have put all the reliable and trustworthy tips just to help you in a more convenient way. Stay healthy and be confident.

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