Benefits & Shortfalls Of Laser Range Finder Scope

Technology is taking over the firearm industry in many fascinating ways.  A few years ago it was difficult to imagine the evolution of electronics scope and laser range finder. We never thought the improvement would take control of the industry and present the best shooting or hunting aid devices. But the reality is now taking over and we are simply coming to terms with all it has to offer.

We started with simply illuminated reticles to the Tracking point devices which aid the shooter with effortless heads up display. But resting between the two is the traditional optic and the spectacular laser range finder.

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Due to technological advancement, it’s now possible to find an affordable range finder. For this reason, it’s going to explore the whole concept before mounting one onto your rifle. The mainstream optic manufacturer has incorporated the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver reputable and most accurate laser extent finder. Each of the devices has its advantage and disadvantages. If you are in the market for one you must embrace both sides of the laser range discoverer.

Advantages Laser Range Finder:


By combining your rifle with a high quality you will get the freedom to take all types of shots quickly. This is because you will not have to dig in your pocket or pack, turn on another device, dial the dope, or acquire the range before taking your shot.

A good laser range finder is magnificent at getting you in perfect position, getting the range, and dialing the dope before easily taking the shot. It eliminates any extra movement and minimizes the amount of time you take to bring your target down.


The concept of simplicity is the core benefit of range finders. The 2 gears are exquisitely squeezed into a simplified and streamlined device. This makes it easier to manage your hunting gear.

The battery for the scope is shared between the range finder and the illuminated reticles. This means you risk not having a dead ranger finder or scope because you forgot to recharge or replace the battery.

In addition, it eliminates the complexity that comes with battery selection. It gives you the freedom to keep track of one battery instead of managing a battery for each device.

Besides, when the range finder and the scope are combined in one system, they will be always ready to go.


Even the adroit hunters or shooters experience a bad day in office. For this reason, it’s always good to give some factors (e.g. field environment) serious consideration. Some environments may be harsh and give you no time to get your range finder out or set your rifle down.

When the terrain gets tough it might be difficult to use separate devices. When climbing up and down a steep hill, or are shooting in a tree stand and taking your shots at a very awkward angle a laser finder comes in handy.


Some of the best models in the industry include Zeiss Victory Diarange, Nikon Laser IRT, Burris Eliminator, and Bushnell Yardage Pro. These are not just scope combos or range finders, they are spectacular range finders and astounding scopes.

They guarantee quality and despite being relatively expensive they are truly dependable. The present you with the best to ensure magnificent performance in all situations.

Shortfalls of Laser Range Finder Scope:


Weight is one of the major concerns with the modern range finder. They feature double duty optics which are heavy and this presents a concern to all shooters.

If prefer using a scope for your active hunting or off hand shooting is your thing adding weight to your rifle will limit your ability. If this is your style consider other models that will not compromise your shooting. However, if you like shooting from the bipod it may not be a problem.


With these optics, you will have to pay more to get one. What you are getting is high quality rangefinder and optic wrapped in one device, so you must dig your pockets deep. Even when you compare the price of a quality scope and that of a high end range finder the combination won’t come cheap.

It takes the manufacturer a great deal of time to blend the 2 devices together and you have to compensate for this in the price. The Bushnell combination is comparatively cheap whereas the Zeiss is predictably the most expensive.

The convenience factor plus forces you to spend more. However, given their performance and durability, the laser range finder justifies it’s price tag. If you got the cash do not hesitate to spend on one of the mentioned models.

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