How To Use Iron Sight For Long Range Shooting

The use of technology in the manufacturer of the best rifle scopes has been around for quite a long time. However, for long-only selected hunters, police officers, and specialized troops have enjoyed the convenience offered.

Fortunately, the optic industry has registered a meteoric rise and all the devices are becoming affordable. In the modern world, nearly all rifles for police officers or soldiers feature some type of optics like fixed, variable, red dot optics.

One thing is clearly evident, information about the usage of optics is scarce. Newbie hunters/shooter do not know how to get the best out of the iron sights. Some even fear to take the medium to long-range shots because they think they are not armed properly.

Learning to use an iron sight is presumed to be a daunting task, but it’s not. This guide will give you all the steps to help you master the art of using the iron sight


This is a very crucial step, you must zero your pair of iron sight properly. Just like your scope, iron sights should be accorded a specific adjustment and distance so as to zero perfectly.

Besides, you need to understand the type of sight you are using in order to succeed in zeroing. If it’s the standard AR 15/Ma6, it requires 25 meters range plus a 300M zero target. This means it stimulates the target (300M) at 25 yards.

All weapons with different barrel lengths, calibers, and iron sights zero differently. For this reason, you should follow the given instructions based on the weapon you are using. In spite of the varying factors, you will only achieve incredible results only if you take the right instructions for correct zero. This is of great importance, especially when taking the medium to long-range shots.

The front and the rare of the iron sight should feature proper adjustments. Whether its elevation or the windage, you need to take the adjustments seriously.


If you still rely on the traditional iron sight you may want to consider a change. If you want to maximize precision for long ranges (beyond 500M) a specialized iron sight will deliver exceptionally.

Alternatively, if all you want is simplicity and precision substitute the front sight of your device with something thinner. This will give you the freedom to easily view your target even from extended ranges. Consider purchasing a sight by KNS Precision, they have an exquisite modification that makes them simple and effective in the precise shooting.

On the other hand, if you are going beyond 1000 yards, you require something complicated. Something with a specialized aperture and diopter. For example, Phoenix Precision top mount sights are incredibly detailed and extremely precise. However, such iron sights are not good for everyday use, they are specially designed for extremely precise rifles. Generally, they have 30 inches barrel so as to support a long sight radius.

Like any other optic, the effectiveness of your iron sight will depend on the base you mount them on. An iron sight will be more effective if mounted tightly on your rifle. If you are using the detailed sights for 1000 yards shooting get an experienced gunsmith to install both the sight and the sight base.


Which one is the more precise, modern optics or iron sights?

When you compare red dot optics to iron sights, we can confidently say an iron sight is more precise. Iron sights feature many adjustments that are featured to ensure it more precise when engaged at longer shooting ranges.

Iron sights are spectacularly precise and allow shooters to take stunningly accurate shoots.

Technology doesn’t allow holographic sights or red dots to be precise when making long-range shots. However, these devices are pretty faster when getting on the target. Many competitive shooters acclaim that iron sights are incredibly precise and remarkably enjoyable to use when taking long-range shots.

If you plan to take your game to the next level, try a high-quality iron sight. It will give you a good feeling and make you competent enough to a target at more than 500 yards.


Iron sights have proved their worth and nowadays every man or woman joining the US military is taught how to use one from day one.

It might sound awkward, but an average person without any knowledge about rifle usage can become a pro in just under three weeks. Therefore, you should jump out of the comfort zone and take the challenge. Remember, practice makes perfect if you start today it won’t take long before you realize what you have been missing.

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